An Update From Vyatka Riverkeeper

Earlier this year, Vyatka Riverkeeper identified 3 major corporate polluters on the Vyatka River: ARTEKS, Agrofirm DORONIGHY, and KKS. Thanks to Riverkeeper Grigory Poskrebyshev’s regular water patrols and interest from local television stations, the organization has been able to collect enough hard data on these polluters to pressure local environmental authorities into opening an investigation.

Vyatka is proud of this recent public action because of the renewed spotlight cast on local water issues in Kirov City. Since the show aired, the organization has managed to initiate a number of new outreach and advocacy projects, including a new city-wide trash cleanup tradition known as the Day of the Vyatka River. The recently-observed International Day of Action for Rivers allowed Vyatka Riverkeeper to take another giant leap forward after the organization managed to clean up a large portion of the Vyatka’s coastline and launch a new sturgeon logo designed to represent its work. Recently, Vyatka Riverkeeper staff also attracted a large crowd for a charitable concert river pollution lecture at the Kirov City library and organized a  fundraising exhibition and photography sale for a new project known as Project Revival of the Vyatka River.

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