Yezhovsky Lakes and Springs

Yezhovsky lakes and springs is a well-known area in the historical center of the Kirov city. It comprises about 20 springs feeding into an elongated lake, all belonging to the Vyatka River’s basin. Bank augmentation work is underway to expand the city’s lands to build on. Already, there sit a couple of buildings, with one part of the bank being reprofiled as a ski and sleigh slope. With dump trucks full of earth and rubble coming in every week, the process is not expected to stop any time soon. However, due to the nature of the springs, many question the viability of the undertaking, whether the augmented river bank will not be washed off into the lake by the workings of the springs underneath. Vyatkakeepers oppose this development, deeming it reckless at best, and criminal at worst., 28.04.15, 17.07.2015


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