Freeing A Sturgeon On World Rivers Day

On September 30, 2009-2012 the Vyatkakeeper volunteers marked the World River Day. We betook ourselves to the Vyatka River’s bank to give it a clean-up, and set free a sturgeon and 3 carps. In spite of drizzle, our volunteers found determination to show up, and the event was no washout. Оne of the leaders, put it, there was a good side to the fewness of people, they were few and got to work right away, not wasting time on chatter. Which they put off till the work had been done, and tea steeped. This wasn’t the first such event in Kirov, but actually the third running of the event, always organised by Vyatkakeeper. Such  events send a powerful message to all who care, and remind people that it is easy to join our ranks.


Bystritsa River Keeper Signals Alarm

Danislav, the Vyatkakeeper member overseeing the River Bystritsa, was shocked to find the Water Protection Zone billboards bent to the ground, and a landfill right next to them. However, he marked, compared to last year, there is improvement. Last year the whole river bank was littered with rubbish all the way from the river to the motorway. The Bystritsa is a popular holiday destination for many people, and Danislav urges them not to leave waste behind after holiday-making on the beautiful bank. In the future, we expect to pay more heed to this river, with an inspection and taking water samples next to suspected polluters.


Vyatkakeepers Inspect Rivers Khlynovka and Chumovitsa

Not long since the inspections of the small rivers of Chumovitsa (Novovyatsk district, Kirov), and Khlynovka (Kirov) by Vyatkakeepers, the water samples have made their way into the lab and the results are scary. According to Grigory Poskryobyshev, Vyatkakeeper’s coordinator, it has been found that these rivers contain 20 times the maximum permitted concentration of oils, 11 times of ammonia nitrogen. Kirov’s small rivers suffer immensely from illegal dumping of chemicals as well as from spontaneous, unorganised and illegal landfills in the city’s water protection zone. After the inspection and laboratory tests, the citizens of Kirov, authorities and the press have been informed. Our volunteers and prefecture people are considering some clean-up action at the location.

(From an Article by Yekaterina Lavsanova, 16 May 2013)