Vyatkakeepers Open Exhibition

In the Herzen library visitors can see an exhibition of photography exploring the theme of water. It marks the World Rivers Day. Among the participants are notable Kirov photographers Sergey Yuferov, Max Irman, Igor Noskov, Yelena Okhapkina, Konstantin Lavrov.

(An article by Yekaterina Lavsanova, 6 October 2015)

Yezhovsky Lakes and Springs

Yezhovsky lakes and springs is a well-known area in the historical center of the Kirov city. It comprises about 20 springs feeding into an elongated lake, all belonging to the Vyatka River’s basin. Bank augmentation work is underway to expand the city’s lands to build on. Already, there sit a couple of buildings, with one part of the bank being reprofiled as a ski and sleigh slope. With dump trucks full of earth and rubble coming in every week, the process is not expected to stop any time soon. However, due to the nature of the springs, many question the viability of the undertaking, whether the augmented river bank will not be washed off into the lake by the workings of the springs underneath. Vyatkakeepers oppose this development, deeming it reckless at best, and criminal at worst.

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The Sad Tale of the Lake Russkoye

Vyatkakeepers’ priority for 2014 was to focus on industrial and sewage pollution and development of the volunteer network hoping to leave the tidying-up of river banks to district administrations. No such luck! Complains kept coming in from the citizens and supporters, so we continued to go to places, take pictures, report cases to authorities, and take action in general.

One story is worth telling. The Khlynovka Riverkeeper Dmitry Derunov went to explore the Lake Russkoye, together with the banks of the Mokhovitsa and Khlynovka. He found the lakeshore littered with trash left by holiday makers and construction workers. Large amounts of glass shards were observed. The good part is that no fishnets were found.

It is unthinkable how this lake that is home to, among other things, endangered plant species, has become no more than a barbecue destination for so many people. It is not easy for an organization already stretched very thin to deal with everything, but the lake Russkoye remains on our radar still. Raising awareness in the years to come should be the priority because most problems are easier to prevent than to deal with.  Surely, making people mindful of the value of natural objects around them is key to alleviating the suffering of small bodies of water found in dangerous proximity to the city of Kirov.

Vyatskiy nabludatel, 06.05.2014

Freeing A Sturgeon On World Rivers Day In Kirov

On September 30, 2015 the Vyatkakeeper volunteers marked the World River Day. We betook ourselves to the Vyatka River’s bank to give it a clean-up, and set free a sturgeon and 3 carps.

In spite of drizzle, our volunteers found determination to show up, and the event was no washout. Оne of the leaders, put it, there was a good side to the fewness of people, they were few and got to work right away, not wasting time on chatter. Which they put off till the work had been done, and tea steeped.

This wasn’t the first such event in Kirov, but actually the third running of the event, always organised by Vyatkakeeper. Such events send a powerful message to all who care, and remind people that it is easy to join our ranks.

(Based on an article in the Komsomolskaya pravda newspaper, 30 September 2012)